Black Lines on Deck

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asked Nov 13, 2016 by SusieKilmore
I have just had a deck built the other day, and the tradie left black lines across it.

He said they will wash off, but I’ve tried rubbing them out and they won’t go away.

How do I get them off?

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answered Nov 13, 2016 by Chris (240 points)
edited Apr 29 by admin
Hi Susie,

I think the black lines you're talking about are Chalk Lines carpenters use to mark out lines on slabs etc. Chalk lines are designed to be permanent, so the carpenter who built your deck should have known better than to do this. I'm no expert, but I think your only option is to sand them off with a belt sander because I can't imagine they'll soon wash off- if at all. So if I were you I'd probably ask the tradesman to come back and clean them off (or sand them off) and get the deck looking 100% perfect before you finalise payment for this job.

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